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RLC Kids

RLC kids

training 'em up right since 2016

There is no such thing as the Jr. Holy Spirit. Kids come to Christ the same way adults do. So we are always looking for VOLUNTEERS to plant and sow seeds of faith and salvation in our next generation! There are many opportunities to give your time, talent, and treasure in service to our KIDS!

For our Kidsflix video series, we need volunteers in front of and behind the camera. No experience necessary! The only requirement is a heart for kids and a joy for serving! You can impact our kids by giving just 2-5 hours a month!

And as we create safe ways for Kids Ministry to open up, we also have increasing opportunities for LEADERS to serve in our Kids Ministry classrooms: directing worship, helping with messages and leading our Lil’ Life Groups. Our Kids Ministry Leaders must be able to serve on Sundays from 10am to 2pm with occasional special events and other services as needed. A Kids Ministry Leader must be good with kids and be a clear and kind communicator. Signing up for this role requires completion of the Kids Ministry application and training.

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the admin engagement team

RLC admins

the glue that holds us together

The Administrative Engagement Team LOVES helping people feel welcome and connected! They also love keeping everyone organized and on top of all the important communications, tasks, and ministry that happens behind the Sunday scenes! Do you have a gift of organization?

Do you have a secret enjoyment for spreadsheets that no one else understands? Or do you enjoy reaching out to new members and getting to know the Congregation on a deeper level? Then is the team for you!

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Celebrate Recovery

celebrate recovery

12 steps closer to being like Jesus

If you’ve been at RLC for 5 minutes you know how dear the recovery ministry is to our hearts!  The Celebrate Recovery team makes it possible for all of us to explore choices and steps to healed living in Jesus.

It’s our midweek service!  Worship, tech, band, greeters — you name it, we need it. And you don’t have to be in CR to serve at CR.

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RLC communications

marketing, media, communications
marketing. media. content design & production.

Mailing list. GIF. JPEG. PNG. Engagement metrics. Pixels, resolution, and aspect ratio. Clickthrough, hashtags, and MP4.

If none of that scared you–and better yet if you know what all that means, this is the TEAM FOR YOU!

From monthly email blasts to social media, our team manages and produces marketing communications for our church. Graphics, videos, web design — if you’ve seen it, chances are we made it!  And we need your help!

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RLC Youth

secondary text

RLC Youth

teenage disciples. full grown in the spirit.

To just feel known, important, and loved can change anyone’s life–but especially the lives of our YOUTH.

That’s why at Redeemed Life Church, one of our highest priorities is investing in our YOUTH MINISTRY. We believe our Youth Ministry gives students, the mentors and leaders they need in their lives, people who show them that they are seen and loved. In a time when their lives may feel out of control and challenging, our youth are searching for people who will show up for them, people who they can look up to, people who are role models not of perfection, but of faith.

The Youth are currently meeting every Sunday at 2-3p and every third Friday night from 7-8pm. A Youth Leader is someone who has a heart for students and their families, who is committed to their own discipleship, and whose character is kind, flexible, trustworthy and honest. Helpful experience includes small group facilitation and leadership. Signing up for this role involves completing a Youth Ministry application and training.

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RLC Tech & Creative

tech, worship, & creative

Tech & Creative

setting the stage for God's glory

A dynamic team of creatives serving in various forms of worship such as band, vocals, tech, visual arts, and production.

We create an environment for people to experience the power and presence of Jesus Christ in a way that can transform their daily lives.

If you have a thirst to contribute creatively to God’s house, then you may have just found your new squad!

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RLC Outreach

outreach & food pantry


reaching. loving. caring. every Saturday and beyond.

As Christ-followers and as a church, we understand what it means to help our neighbor—especially in times of need. We also know that this help is just one out of many steps required by families and individuals who are honestly seeking transformation because it will lead them to a better place in life. This is the Church,
being The Church. This is RLC, being RLC — reaching the lost, loving the broken, and caring like Christ in all that we do.

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RLC Building care

Building care

we lay healing hands on a hurting building.

Doors. Windows. Bulbs. — These things don’t just fix themselves! That’s where our disciples of the house put their unique skills to use.

Electricians, carpenters, painters, apprentices — there’s a spot for YOU!

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RLC service teams

service teams

service teams

the best service. the best smiles.

Service Teams consist of Greeters, Ushers, Parking Team, and Security. Our focus is to create a warm, fun and welcoming environment where church attendees feel at home and are made ready and open to receive what God has for them.

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RLC Events

events squad

events team

this squad brings life to the party!

Like planning events? Are you creative and love seeing ideas on paper come to life? Or do you love planning events and keeping everyone organized? Our team welcomes BOTH and this is the team for you!

Join us as we plan large events like Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Summer Parties and all holiday festivities! A fun dynamic team that loves being on the ground floor for all things party!

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RLC hospitality

hospitality squad

hospitality team

taking care of us all. one hug and one meal at a time.

The RLC Hospitality Team provides meals our volunteers and teams during Sundays and other events.  These are the Master Chefs of RLC!  But no cooking skills are required — just a heart to serve and keep the teams running on full stomachs.

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Online Ministry

moderators and ministers for online services

online ministry

curators of the Sunday online experience

Ever wonder where all those amazing links and information come from during the online stream? Or have you been wanting to pray with online visitors after a Sunday service?  This is YOUR TEAM!

If you can click, copy, and paste, this is your squad.  Click below to join the squad and find out how you can keep services flowing smooth in the online stream chat rooms!

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Soul Sisters

soul sisters

leading women to live boldly for God

If you’re looking for a team that is built on encouraging women to stand confident in who God’s created them to be, this is the team for you! We host monthly Soul Sister Coffee Talks, an annual Women’s Night event, and annual retreat! If you want to grow in ministry with amazing women and help with planning our ministry events, sign up today!

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there’s nothing like family

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